Fake or Legit Air Jordans?

Finding classic deadstock Air Jordans is hard enough but there is an overwhelming number of sellers now who are passing Fake or bootleg Air Jordans as the real thing. I was a victim of this when I thought I was buying a legit Air Jordan Deadstock 11 for just 400 bucks. The deal looked good but when I got the shoes they were obvious fakes that were worth about 40 bucks from China wholesale. The pictures he sent looked legit but he probably baited and switched. I did get a questionable size tag but was blinded by the deal. I tried contacting the seller who was “well known” in the Instyleshoe forums but after unanswered emails and im’s I filed a paypal despute on him. Paypal is usually good but this guy somehow took all his money from his account and closed his account before paypal could get back my cash. The hard lesson here is to get pictures and more pictures. Ask questions and get a legit shoe check before dealing with traders and sellers on forums no matter how reputable they appear to be. Also get a buyers protection up to $1000 on paypal so you get back all your cash is you do not get what you paid for. Its just a couple of bucks extra.

I do not or rarely trade or buy Air Jordans with forums members now and just buy from well established legit Shoe dealers online like pick your shoes.com. These guys are the real deal and the prices are fair market value. Its better to play a extra than to get screwed dealing with people with no real business in selling shoes online. If you need to check to see if a shoe on eBay or a store is legit just post it on the forums here:

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